2018 Seminar Schedule*

The Ky Lake Cooperative Feast Site will feature a literal smorgasbord of spiritual enrichment activities.  Each morning will offer a seminar of biblical teachings and Christian experiences of brethren in the field to sharpen your iron and inspire you to the work Our Lord is doing with each of us.

Seminars will be held at 9:30 each morning in the Convention Hall Building and run for an hour each.

*Has not yet been scheduled.  Presenters TBD

2017 Seminar Schedule


Defending-the-Faith Ben Eison

Ben Eison

Defending The Faith – How To Develop Your Confidence in the Bible

A 2-Part Seminar, Friday and Sabbath morning

Today many young people are dealing with some key (and very perplexing) questions regarding the validity of the Word of God such as: Is the bible really that different from any other man-made work?  How reliable can the Bible be with all the “supposed” discrepancies between ancient manuscripts and modern-day English translations?  And since the Bible was written thousands of years ago, is it really rational to think “just having faith” is the ONLY proof which can be offered in determining the Truth of God’s Word?  Or is it disproven by present-day scientific and historical evidence?

This seminar will endeavor to address these questions, and provide an overall perspective on how young people today can research the facts in order to see Biblical knowledge in a much more empowering way than previously thought.  In addition, we will demonstrate TWO methodologies that can be used as evidence for the truth of the Bible that distinguishes it from any other book ever written!


Wip  Truth-Awakens

Michael Deering

Star Wars: The Truth Awakens

How do we reach a society that knows popular culture more than it does the bible?  This fun and lighthearted but meaningful multimedia seminar and skit takes a practical approach to performing Matthew 28:19-20 in a society that no longer regards the Bible as truth.
Taking a page from the Apostle Paul this seminar illustrates how modern culture can be used as a platform to help the unchurched and those ignorant of the bible, to be awakened to timeless truths found in the pages of scripture through allegories in the Star Wars saga. Kids of all ages and those young at heart will enjoy it.


Mardy Cobb 
Child of God Rescue in Kenya

An overview and update of a ministry that serves orphans, fatherless, and destitute children in Kenya.  The presentation will include the vision and purpose of COG Rescue, along with pictures, and videos of our orphanage and school in Ogembo, Kenya.  In addition, this year will feature a discussion with Richard Mogendi who has traveled from Kenya especially to give an update on the operations.

Vivian Rust
Vivian Rust
Health Effects of Chemicals In Our daily Lives

This seminar will discuss the harmful chemicals in our everyday lives, the health effects they cause, and what can be done personally to minimize those effects.  Ms. Rust’s accumulated knowledge of the subject includes a B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati with additional studies in Environmental Medicine and Environmental Science, professional employment in the chemical industry and Alternative Healthcare field, with personal experience overcoming health problems related to chemicals.

MDeering FootwashMichael2
Michael Deering 
Lost Among the Least – What is it like as an American to serve as a missionary to the third world?

Multimedia seminar with video and pictures showcasing a recent mission trip to persecuted and impoverished Sabbatarian brethren preaching the Gospel to pagan Hindus and tribesmen in the rural delta of Andrha Pradesh, India.  Seminar discusses recent difficulties and obstacles that the Hindu government has placed on Christians living in India and the hurdles our ministry is faced with overcoming in providing support to the least people on earth as this world measures them.



rightly dividing the word

Cecil Green

What Does It Mean To Rightly Divide The Word of Truth?

In 2 Timothy 2:15 Paul tells Timothy to study to show himself….  We must make sure we are handling the Word of God with care.  One comment on rightly dividing the Word states, “That is, cutting true, accurately handling as a skilled worker (a stonecutter, a farmer, a road builder) would perform their job”. How can we as Disciples of Christ, do a better job at handling God’s Word?  In this seminar we will look at important keys to rightly dividing the Word of Truth.