2017 Seminar Schedule: TBA

2016 Seminar Schedule:

The Ky Lake Supersite will feature a literal smorgasbord of spiritual enrichment activities.  Each morning will offer a seminar of biblical teachings and Christian experiences of brethren in the field to sharpen your iron and inspire you to the work Our Lord is doing with each of us.

Seminars will be held at 9:30 each morning at the Village Green Commons building across the street from the convention hall and next to the Golf course.

Wes & Nancy
Wes and Nancy White
Servant Leadership: The Role of the Alpha Male and Alpha Female
For almost two decades, some non-hierachial Church of God denominations have been grappling with the concept of servant leadership. How does a church organization implement such a change in culture which has practiced hierarchal leadership for almost over 50 years? the purpose of this similar is to discuss an aspect of leadership that is not receiving a lot of attention in the servant leadership movement. The Alpha Male and the Alpha Female. Until we understand how to fit the alphas into the servant leadership model, our churches will probably continue to experience difficulties as we attempt to fully embrace servant leadership principles.



Skip Martin
A Walk Through Ephesus

Take a PowerPoint tour of the ancient city of Ephesus with current pictures and drawings of now and then.


Michael Deering 
Lost Among the Least

What is it like as an American to live amongst the lowest and least of people on earth as the world measures them, for the purpose of doing Matthew 28:19-20 and James 1:27?   What is it like to live as a Christian in a pagan land where you absolutely have no rights or recourse from persecution and abuse?  What is it really like to fully experience being hated by an entire society and suffer because you follow Jesus?  Are we capable and ready to endure what our brethren face daily in other countries and still keep our faith intact?  Michael Deering shares a multimedia presentation of a ministry serving persecuted and poor Sabbatarian brethren in the slums of rural Andrha Pradesh India.


Dorian Cook 
In the Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah

This is a two part seminar. Part 1 – In this unusual powerpoint presentation, the audience is taken deep into the 4000 year old ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah to view the compelling and incredible evidence of these Biblical cities’ total destruction by the wrath of God in the form of a rain of hundreds of tons of burning gas of sulfur. The presenter will have on display amazing artifacts directly from the ruins of the city of Gomorrah, including actual partially burned balls of sulfur that the audience can view, touch and smell.

Part 2 – This presentation PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that the scriptural story of their destruction is accurate. Come see what God has preserved for 4000 years as a witness against those who choose wickedness over obedience to God.


Mardy Cobb 
Child of God Rescue in Kenya

Review and update of orphanage and school operating in Kenya. Including info, pictures, film and updates from 2016 visit.


Jeff Reed 
Iron Sharpens Iron: How to Give and Receive Correction
How do we help others when they sin or adopt false believe? Is there a way to give correction with love, without offending? How can we humble ourselves so that we are able to receive correction? This seminar attempts to answer these questions.